Maryland Family Network - 1/24/18

Priority Bills:

HB0010 - State Lottery - Unclaimed lottery prizes to fund Public Pre-K - MFN Supported

HB0057 - Green Cleaning - MFN Opposed as did American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Child Care Associations; testimony was yesterday; Delegate Questions suggest they will give it an unfavorable vote

HB0068 - Income Tax Credits - Employer Child Care Center & Employer-Provided Child Care Services - MFN and child care associations will likely support

Budget Bills:

  • Level funding for most items

  • May be getting additional funding for child care subsidies to increase the subsidy amount

  • Governor's Press Release - $11.5 million in increased subsidy amounts to eliminate wait list and increase payments to providers by about 8%;

    • However, this is not new money as there has been chronic under-spending of the appropriated amount (by tens of millions of dollars each year);

    • So this "increase" is being done with a $10 million cut to the overall appropriation; 12 month voucher concerns never materialized and did not hurt the budget

    • also have problems with the administration of the program and providers getting paid

    • also have problem with new criminal background checks being more restrictive;

      • federal portion could be rolled over to future years (cap)

  • HB0228 - Changes the Definition of Child Care; would narrow the definition of child care so that more after school activities could operate without licenses; could destroy after school child care

  • HB0084 - Prohibits products containing certain chemicals from child care; Delegate Angel (Green Cleaning Bill) is sponsoring; concern about what this means; it is a list of new chemicals that are banned, but given the Green Cleaning overreach, it could include too many items that are currently in use; We need to know what it means in reality and need medical/scientific advice about whether these things are dangerous

  • SB0131 & SB0132- Child Abuse & Neglect - Training; concern this could add more training requirements for providers

Child Care Subsidy Bill - HB0430 (SB coming) hit 60th percentile reimbursement by 2022; Sponsored by Delegate Adrienne Jones (with Delegate MCIntosh as 2nd sponsor) had 25 co-sponsors; SB will be sponsored by Senator King with Madeleno and Senate President signing on; $20million Fiscal Note

Head Start Bill coming - SB0373 - guaranteed funding for Head Start

Income Tax Credit Bill - Should be dropped by King and Kelly this week; getting a lot of positive response

Kirwan Commission - Margaret Williams gave an update; expand preschool development grants this year in the legislature (no concrete news on this yet); forming an early childhood workgroup to get into the details about what UPK actually means and to make recommendations; will hopefully be able to make more comprehensive recommendations about increasing subsidies and supporting the full continuum of 0-5 existing programs as we move forward; at about $3billion recommendation from Kirwan but does not includes needed supports for 0-3 range.

Sign on letter coming for funding for CCDBG

Maryland Family Network - 2/14/18

MoCo Council to Discuss Infant/Toddler & After School Care Monday, 1/22 at 9:30am