Maryland Family Network - 3/14/18

Budget Update

  • Budget goes to Senate today
    • Narrative included about child care subsidy - asks MSDE to provide a more thorough and robust reporting of subsidy expenditures on a quarterly basis. More than just a snapshot, but also how it stacks up against what was budgeted. The hope is that this will ensure MSDE actually uses all available funds to support families with child care subsidies.
    • Budget language also has conditions for the appropriation that restricts the use of the funding to ensure that the vendor who is doing the projections is competitively bid (the $55 million under spending over the past three years may have been a result of poor projections from the vendor).
  • Funding for the Resource Centers, Family Resource Centers are all good (flat funded)
  • Child Care Subsidy is $10 million less v last fiscal year but reimbursement rates will likely go up and more will hopefully get spent this year; $36 million more coming to MD from the Feds over the next two years


  • SB379/HB430 - It is referenced in MSDE's CCDBG Plan. We continue to hear things about this bill. It seems to be making progress and we may get a vote. Fiscal note was $36 million to get up to the 60th percentile over the next 3 years. Requires maintenance of our baseline funding and then add money to achieve the higher reimbursement rates.
  • SB373/HB547 - Head Start Bill today (Ulysses Curie Act)- restore funding to 2009 levels; passed Senate unanimously and House looks poised to pass it as well; question of whether Governor would veto (no opportunity to override)
  • Crossover Day is Monday - most bills need to have been passed in one chamber and move to the other chamber if they are going to move forward
  • Sine Die is April 9
  • SB912/HB775 - Thrive by 3 Bill - prenatal and infant care coordination to get parent hooked up with the services; coordination is generally underfunded as compared to the service.  Moving forward but running out of time.
  • SB859/HB775 - Parental Leave Bill for State Employees - moving forward; may be amended to give 60 days of leave immediately after the birth or adoption; would only apply to executive branch employees
  • SB422/HB519 - Child Care Tax Credit - not looking promising; too many other tax credit bills this year because of the Federal changes
  • HB856/SB647 - Earned Income Tax Credit for non-custodial parents - moving forward
  • SB1092/HB1415 - Kirwan Commission Bill - large bill with many components; for pre-k, trying to make up for an expected loss of federal funding so we don't lose slots from our current pre-k programs; many questions but looks like it may pass; question of whether Governor would veto
  • HB1476 - Supplemental Pre-K grant to encourage additional funding to Counties that offer full day pre-k-- seems like this may not go anywhere
  • Other Bills we were concerned about seem like they are not going anywhere

Federal Update

  • CCDBG funding doubled, but it needs to get into the budget/appropriations which looks to be March 23. Question about whether they pass an Omnibus bill or do a Continuing Resolution which makes funding less certain
  • Continue contacting members of Congress to let them know it is important

Next meeting is March 28, 10am (last meeting in Annapolis for the year)

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