Stop Talking *ABOUT* Us and Start Talking *WITH* Us -- Part 2

By Shaun Rose

As a next edition to the issues I raised in "Stop Talking *ABOUT* Us and Start Talking *With* Us", I direct you to a powerful video put together by teachers of young children in New York. Their concerns are in response to Common Core and a hyper-focus on assessment performance and accountability standards that are being pushed down on younger and younger children including 3 and 4 year old children in New York. This should be something we pay close attention to as New York has been held out as a model by some for both Montgomery County and the rest of Maryland to emulate. Not surprisingly, the teachers in this 12 minute video talk about some of the same issues I addressed in part 1 of this blog series. However, they are much more articulate than I could ever hope to be. Although, I has have met with child care teachers across the state, I have heard many of you share similar stories and raise similar concerns - if only I had recorded those conversations! (I think the Frederick County Providers Group even talked about doing a video like this.) Please take a look at "Creating Citizens of the World: Early Childhood Educators Speak Out." 

Maryland Family Network Public Policy - 3/28/18

Maryland Family Network - 3/14/18